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Did you know mental illnesses also qualify for disability benefits? learn more.

You worked hard. You supported yourself and your family in the Bay Area economy. You’ve earned the right to be proud of what you accomplished.

You expected to keep working until retirement, but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. The years take a toll on your health. If you can’t work anymore, the loss of income can make you feel hopeless.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits offer a path forward.

You paid into the Social Security system through taxes from every one of your paychecks. That means you’re eligible to apply for monthly disability income and Medicare health coverage.

The problem is that the government makes it difficult. The process is full of rules, steps and legwork. The first time most people apply, they get denied.

Disability attorney Angelina Valle has been helping people from San Jose and Santa Clara County to Salinas and all around the Bay Area deal with this system and win benefits for over three decades.

Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

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"At the time I was too slick to attend a hearing, and Ms. Valle got the judge to review my case without me having to attend the hearing. I was fortunate as my case was ruled in my favor. I later found out that Social Security Disability cases are all Ms. Valle handles' and she is very good at it!!"

Who Social Security Disability Benefits Help in San Jose & How

Social Security runs two different disability programs. They both help people who are unable to work because of severe health problems.

They help people with different work background and financial situations:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for people who have worked a substantial amount and paid into the Social Security system enough to be covered.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) helps people who don’t have enough qualifying work history for SSDI, and whose financial resources are limited.

That means applying for SSDI requires submitting details of your past jobs and the demands of each job—but people with all levels of past income, savings amounts and other financial resources can qualify.

SSI, on the other hand, doesn’t need you to show years of work history and Social Security taxes in order to get benefits. But you do need to show that you hold under certain limits in savings, investments, and some kinds of property.

Both types of disability benefits provide this:

  • Monthly checks to help you afford your basic needs
  • Access to government health care coverage

SSDI pays you based on a formula and includes your past earnings. SSI pays the same set amount for everyone. (In 2022, it was set at $841 for an individual, $1,261 for a couple).

With SSDI, you can get Medicare health care after a waiting period—even when you aren’t the usual age for Medicare.

SSI immediately qualifies you for Medicaid coverage, called Medi-Cal in California.

When you’re dealing with health problems, getting these services can make a big difference for you.

Here’s something even bigger that Social Security Disability benefits provide:

  • Getting your sense of self-sufficiency back

Having financial assistance when medical conditions have limited your life helps protect your independence and dignity.

The Salinas to San Jose disability lawyers at Angelina Valle & Associates are devoted to helping people get these benefits—so you can focus less on worrying and more on living your life.

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Why You Need Angelina Valle to Help Win Disability Benefits

You can’t just tell the Social Security Administration (SSA) that your health is bad, explain you can’t work, sign a form and get benefits.

You have to prove it:

  1. That means proving that your health stops you from doing your most recent job.
  2. It means proving you can’t move to any other job, either.
  3. And it means proving that your physical or mental health conditions will keep you out of work for at least a year.

Not only is Angelina Valle a lawyer who knows how to collect all the right medical and job history evidence to prove this. She’s also a licensed clinical social worker who knows how to help people during difficult times.

When everything about your life is thrown into uncertainty, Angelina Valle makes sure your claim for disability benefits is treated with dignity and respect.

For your first step, you can get our Monterey and Santa Clara County legal team to evaluate your situation—and what it will take to get benefits—FOR FREE.

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What A Disability Lawyer Does for You

Going through the Social Security Disability process is exhausting. But you should be focusing on your health, not a complicated government program.

Our San Jose and Salinas law firm’s mission is to lighten your burden by handling all these tasks and more:

  1. Making sure your Social Security forms are complete and correct
  2. Gathering the records you need from your health care providers
  3. Helping you explain your work history so Social Security understands your needs
  4. If you’re denied benefits, helping you file an appeal
  5. Representing you in a hearing with a disability judge

One government study found that if you bring a representative with you to your disability hearing, you’re almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits.

It’s time to bring some financial stability back to your life.

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