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Did you know mental illnesses also qualify for disability benefits? learn more.

When you worked, you paid into the Social Security system through taxes in every one of your paychecks. But now that you can’t work due to your physical or mental condition, you’re worried about keeping the lights on, putting food on the table and taking care of your family. Because you paid into the Social Security Disability system, you are eligible to apply for disability benefits. But beware of trying to win disability benefits on your own. Let Social Security Disability lawyer Angelina Valle help with your disability case.

Or, if you were denied benefits, let her help you file an appeal.

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  • Get help with your disability appeal.
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"At the time I was too slick to attend a hearing, and Ms. Valle got the judge to review my case without me having to attend the hearing. I was fortunate as my case was ruled in my favor. I later found out that Social Security Disability cases are all Ms. Valle handles' and she is very good at it!!"


Don’t Try to Win Disability Benefits By Yourself

Taking on the Social Security Administration (SSA) by yourself may seem like a good idea, but the reality is that if you do it alone, you’re less likely to win benefits. Angelina Valle has over 32 years of experience winning disability benefits for Californians. Don’t try to win benefits on your own, let Angelina help you take on the SSA.

We promise to handle your claim with the respect and dignity it deserves. Angelina will personally represent you at any hearings.

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