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Meeting Social Security’s Disability Requirements

Just because you’re unable to work doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be awarded Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a large government agency that uses a complex system to determine if you deserve benefits. You’ll only qualify for benefits if you meet the SSA’s strict definition of “disabled.”

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Qualifying for disability benefits can be tough, but success is possible.

Do I Qualify for Social Security?

There are two types of Social Security benefits: SSDI and SSI.


The Social Security Disability Insurance (ssdi) program pays benefits to you if you
meet three criteria:

  • 1 You are disabled,
  • 2 As of the date you became disabled, you must have worked under Social Security at least five of the last 10 years, and
  • 3 You have earned enough work credits by paying Social Security taxes.


Supplement Security Income (SSI) pays benefits to you if you meet certain criteria:

  • 1 You are disabled, and
  • 2 You meet the financial qualifications (you don’t have too much income or too many assets).
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How Do I Know if I Meet the Definition of “Disabled”?

Under the Social Security Administration’s rules, you’re only considered to be disabled if a physical or mental condition is expected to keep you from work for one full year (or result in death). Your disability can be mental, physical, or a combination of both.

If you can no longer work, it’s important that you keep regular medical appointments to create enough documentation to help prove your case to Social Security.

In most cases, Social Security considers you disabled if:

  • 1You can no longer do work you've done before;
  • 2You're unable to adjust to other work because of your medical condition(s); and
  • 3Your disability has lasted or will last 12 months (or result in death).

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Common Impairments that Qualify for Social Security Disability

If your health issues meet the criteria above, you should qualify for benefits no matter what your ailment is.

We’ve seen people qualify for benefits with these conditions and more:

Social Security keeps an even bigger list of qualifying impairments. If your illness isn’t on that list, you still could qualify for benefits based on the ways your particular symptoms limit your daily activities.

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