How to Fill Out Form HA-4633 in Salinas

Recent Work History

If you’ve been denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you’re far from alone.

Social Security denies most people when they first apply.

At Angelina Valle & Associates, we strongly encourage you to consider appealing.

Appeals are when many people win benefits.

A key piece of your appeal is filling out Form HA-4633, which is called “Claimant’s Work Background.”

Don’t delay starting your appeal. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a strict deadline for appeals. If you miss it, you might have to start over your application from the beginning.

To appeal your denial, you’ll have two other forms you need to submit before you complete Form HA-4633.

First, complete Form HA-4486: “Claimant’s Statement When Request for Hearing is Filed and the Issue is Disability.”

Also, fill out Form SSA-3441-BK: “Disability Report – Appeal.”

Once you’re finished with those, you’ll next fill out Form HA-4633.

And you’ll complete this form along with Form HA-4631, covering your recent medical treatment.

Getting your forms submitted on time is important to your case. You usually have about 60 days from your denial.

When you submit the forms before the deadline Social Security gives you, you keep your claim open and active.

You can fill out the form online, or fill out and return a paper form to a Social Security office.

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What Information Do I Put on Form HA-4633?

You’ll list several details of your work history:

  • Dates of your past jobs
  • Names of your employers
  • Addresses of your employers
  • Descriptions of your job duties

Tips on Filling out Form HA-4633

Most of the time, you’ll need to include 15 years of work history – before the date when you first experienced your disability – on Form HA-4633.

Fill out the form as honestly and completely as you can.

With this form, the SSA is trying to decide if your disability prevents you from doing your previous work, or if you can adjust to different work.

If you had a physically demanding job in construction, for example, could you still switch to a less physical office job?

You need to prove to Social Security that your medical condition is severe enough that you couldn’t work any job.

Form HA-4633 is a chance to give a clear picture of your work history to Social Security.

Should I Get a Lawyer To Help With Form HA-4633?

Yes. Applying for Social Security Disability is complicated. Appealing is even more involved.

You can ease your own burden and give yourself the best chance at winning benefits by working with an experienced disability lawyer.

Angelina Valle & Associates has helped thousands of people in the San Jose and Salinas areas win disability benefits.

We understand how the system works and where you can run into problems.

We can help you with Form HA-4633 and all the forms you need to apply and appeal for Social Security Disability benefits.

If your case reaches the point where you need to talk to a judge, we’ll also help you prepare for that, so you’ll be confident and ready to testify. Some lawyers only show up on the day of your hearing.

When you work with us, we’ll collect all your medical evidence, analyze your Social Security file, set a strategy for your case and question any medical or vocational experts who Social Security calls to testify about you.

Call us right away if you were denied your disability claim, so you don’t lose time to put together your appeal.

You’re going through a lot of hardship. We’re determined to guide you through this process with care and compassion.

If you need help with Form HA-4633, contact us now!

Form HA-4633


Workers’ Compensation/Public Disability Questionnaire
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Medication List
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Recent Work History
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