Age-Related Benefits for Social Security Disability in Salinas

How to Apply Special Rules for People Over 50

You always worked hard and took pride in your work. Then one day, you had to stop because of health problems.

You didn’t plan for this. You’re over 50 but thought you still had many more working years left. Now you’ve lost your income and your sense of stability.

How can you start over at this age?

Don’t lose hope.

Social Security Disability benefits, including monthly checks and Medicare health coverage, can help you through this difficult time, giving you back a sense of control over your life.

When you’re over 50, Social Security has special rules that make winning benefits easier. But you need to properly present information about your age, education, work background and more to give yourself the best chance of winning benefits. Social Security Disability is a large, complicated government program—and most people get denied.

Disability attorney Angelina Valle has been helping people in Fremont, Hollister, Monterey, San Jose, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and all over the Bay Area win benefits for more than three decades.

As a lawyer and licensed clinical social worker, she puts care and compassion into your case. She knows how to get you the benefits, and respect, of your age.

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What Are the Age-Related Special Rules for Disability?

No matter your age, you have to prove three things to win Social Security Disability benefits:

  1. Your health problems prevent you from continuing in your past job.
  2. Your health also leaves you unable to switch to a new job.
  3. Your medical conditions will last at least a year.

So what’s special over 50?

At this age, you’re more likely to convince Social Security that you’re unable to adapt to different work. That helps you meet these key qualifications for benefits.

If you’re younger than 50, Social Security might say you still could retrain for a less physically demanding job, so you don’t need disability benefits.

The more you advance in age over 50, Social Security is more likely to conclude that your work history, education and severity of your health problems limit or rule out other kinds of work.

The bottom line to winning disability benefits is proving that you can’t work at all. Over 50, your age helps you do that.

Angelina Valle and her legal team can make sure that your application—or your appeal if you’ve been denied benefits—make it clear how your age impacts your ability to work.

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See How Social Security Disability Views Your Age

As you can see, an important part of deciding your disability claim is determining the effects of your age.

At different ages, this is how Social Security looks at you:

  • “Younger Person,” 18-49: To win benefits, you must prove you can’t do any job in the economy, not just your most recent jobs, because of serious health problems.
  • “Closely Approaching Advanced Age,” 50-54: Your age changes the way Social Security views your ability to transition to a new line of work. You may no longer have to prove that you can’t do any work at all. You just have to show you can’t do your previous work.
  • “Person of Advanced Age,” 55 and up: As you advance in age, Social Security becomes even more lenient in deciding that your health problems mean you can’t do any kind of work.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

You never imagined yourself on disability benefits. But you need to understand this isn’t a government handout.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a form of insurance that you paid for with deductions out of every pay check. You earned the right to these benefits through your hard work.

And you’re not alone. Social Security itself says over a quarter of people who are 20 today will miss work time because of a disability before they reach 67.

Don’t take any chances winning the benefits you need. Get an experienced lawyer with a passion for helping people when they need help the most.

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