Social Security Disability for Mental Illness: Depression, Anxiety and More

Disability Income Can Stabilize Your Life

You have good days — and miserable days.

You have times of agitation when you can’t focus. Or you sink into despair and you can’t function.

A mental health problem, like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder, can get so severe that you can’t go to work. When that happens, your health problems become money problems.

Income from Social Security Disability could help you survive — and rebuild your life.

But can you qualify for benefits with a mental health condition?

Absolutely you can.

In fact, mental health is one of the most common reasons people get disability benefits. More than 31% all workers receiving Social Security Disability benefits in 2016 had mental conditions.
But when most people apply, they get denied. Proving you need financial assistance for mental health reasons is hard.

Get someone to help. Angelina Valle is both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Social Security Disability lawyer helping people in San Jose and Salinas win benefits and move on with their lives.

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How Do I Qualify for Disability with Mental Health Problems?

The most important factor in winning Social Security Disability benefits for a mental health problem is the evidence you provide.

These conditions are hard for a Social Security claims examiner to see just by looking at you. So you need to provide evidence in two categories:

  • Medical evidence— Test results and reports from your doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Non-medical sources — Statements from people who personally know about your everyday life

Social Security places a lot of value on “objective medical evidence,” which includes observations health care providers make about you, like how you function during examinations.

Objective evidence also includes information about your medications, hospital stays and therapy history.

An experienced disability lawyer can help you gather, organize and present this information to maximize your chances of winning benefits.

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Does Social Security Disability Cover My Mental Health Condition?

Social Security Disability covers many common mental health conditions and intellectual disabilities. It lists them in its “Blue Book” of impairments that officially qualify for benefits:

  • anxiety
  • autism
  • bipolar disorders
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • personality disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • schizophrenia

Even if you don’t see your diagnosis on Social Security’s list, don’t give up on getting benefits.

Regardless of your specific condition, the severity of your health problems and the way they prevent you from working are the most important factors. The basic requirements for Social Security Disability are that your bad health is forcing you off work — and the problem will last at least a year.

You could win benefits with a combination of different conditions. Sometimes severe physical health problems also lead to mental health problems.

Most people just don’t understand what it’s like when your mental health keeps you from being able to focus at work, but Angelina Valle knows what you’re going through.

You pay no attorney fee up front to get help with your Social Security Disability claim. You only pay a fee when you win benefits, and it comes from a portion of your back benefits.

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