Disability for Congestive Heart Failure in Salinas, CA

Could Financial Benefits Relieve Your Stress?

Congestive heart failure can take a huge toll on your life. You may be unable to do what you used to love. Just getting up every day is a big struggle.

When you walk from your bedroom to the kitchen, you may experience shortness of breath. Perhaps you’re constantly coughing or wheezing. Or you feel weak and fatigued, no matter how much you rest.

With these limitations, you’re unable to work. How are you supposed to provide for yourself and your loved ones?

Social Security Disability benefits could give you the money you need not only to survive, but to relieve your stress and live as fully as possible as you manage your disease.

The only problem is that it’s difficult to win benefits, especially when it comes to a condition like congestive heart failure, which can vary from patient to patient.

The disability lawyers at Angelina Valle & Associates are here for you in San Jose, Salinas and all over the Bay Area. We’ve been helping people win benefits for decades.

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Qualifying for Social Security Disability with Congestive Heart Failure

No matter what medical condition you’re experiencing, you need to show that your symptoms are so severe that you can’t work—at all—for at least one year.

This means that you can’t work reduced, but still substantial hours, or with modifications, like some people with congestive heart failure are able to do.

For the Social Security Administration (SSA), congestive heart failure falls under the category of chronic heart failure.

    You must be experiencing one of these types of heart failure to qualify for benefits:

  • Systolic failure, which means that your heart struggles to pump blood
  • Diastolic failure, which means that your heart struggles to fill with blood

Simply telling the SSA that you are having these issues isn’t enough. You also have to turn in proof of your condition.

Acceptable proof includes:

  • Results from exercise tests
  • Medical images
  • Prescription records
  • Medical test results
  • Records of hospitalizations
  • Treatment plan documents
  • Testimonials from people who are familiar with how your condition has impacted you

Collecting all of this evidence can seem overwhelming. Plus, you need to fill out a lot of confusing paperwork. It can be a major strain when you’re trying to focus on your health.

Disability law is all we do at Angelina Valle and Associates. We can assist you with filling out your forms, gathering all the documentation you need—and helping you prepare before you have hearing with a disability judge.

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How a Lawyer Helps You Get Disability for Congestive Heart Failure in CA

If you’re located in the San Jose, CA, area and you can’t work anymore because of congestive heart failure, you should consider contacting an experienced disability lawyer.

A lawyer who works with disability claims every day knows how to show Social Security the difference between a congestive heart failure case where you can still work, and one that is too debilitating.

  • We know what Social Security is looking for, and how to present your case for benefits to a judge if you’re denied benefits and need to appeal.
  • An attorney eases the legwork for you.
  • Most of all, a disability attorney listens to you, understands your situation and makes sure you’re not alone as you go through this difficult process.

Let us help you reach a more stable and secure place in life, where you can give your health the attention it needs and still enjoy things that make your life fulfilling.

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